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ART LABOR Gallery is a contemporary gallery based in Shanghai. Winner of Time Out magazine's "people choice award for best gallery in Shanghai" in 2014, listed on Modern Painter's top 500 galleries world wide, and ART INFO's 20 best galleries in Asia list, the gallery has always strove to find unique artists, both emerging and established, from both China and around the globe.We based ourselves in Shanghai because it is fast becoming the center of artistic creation and financial power in Asia.

At ART LABOR we are curious about Shanghai's new identity and the direction that emerging art is taking in today's China - and by this we mean in the next years, not "now". Our main objective is to promote the artistic pursuit of answers to what this identity is and what it will become, and we encourage our more established artists to support and mentor emerging artists, just as the gallery itself has a focus on the development of new talent and ideas.

Because we have always loved China, we decided to set up a primary gallery in Shanghai. We intended in the beginning to exhibit original works and bring some fresh air into a climate where typical styles had become a bit overly familiar and obvious to the habituated observer of the Chinese art scene, and ART LABOR played an integral role in the expansion of the Shanghai art scene, which is now, more than 4 years after we began here, decidedly more international in scope and is presently becoming the center of the art world in Asia.

Cooperating with galleries and art professionals from around the world, the artists we show are a mix of half Chinese mainland and half of other countries… British, Austrian, Canadian, Japanese, et al. We seek artists making truly original, meaningful and collectible work, intellectually and emotionally effecting or simply aesthetically pleasing.

Our modifiable gallery space, with movable walls and lighting, designed by renowned Montreal architect Israel Noel, is 300m2 (3230 sq. ft) is available for rental for events, with an extension to a 70m2 outdoor terrace, and an additional 200m2 adjoining space for parties. We are happy to host short-term events.

We are no longer accepting emailed submissions but welcome snail mail submissions to the address below.

Photograph by Jan Yang


570 Yongjia lu, Building 4, #411 (ground floor)

Shanghai, 200031, CHINA

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Tel: 86 - 21 - 3460 - 5331

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