拾爱 - ART LABOR画廊十周年特展


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Eric Leleu 陆芦
Howie Tsui 徐浩恩
Jayson Atienza
Li Lihong 李立宏
Lu Xinjian 陆新建
Lu Yang 陆扬
Mani Manzanari
Marc Standing
Monika Lin
Peter Park
Ravi Zupa
Ren Zhitian 任芷田
Shang Chengxiang 商成祥
Wang Qing 王青
Zhou Fan 周范
Zhou Jinhua 周金华

ART LABOR画廊十岁啦!从十年前的一个构想到今日的画廊,成长道路上的经历可圈可点。在这十年里,我们做了很多精彩难忘的展览,荣登了诸多最佳画廊榜单,有幸与众多优秀的中外艺术家合作共事,有幸结识ART LABOR忠实的收藏家们并为之服务。而这十年对于我们来说更是快乐的十年,能全情投入我们所钟爱的事业是人生之幸!

而今年也将是画廊迎来诸多变化的一年。我们期待着为ART LABOR画廊注入更多新鲜活力!然而,我们还是会固执地坚守我们的宗旨,那就是为我们的观众和收藏家带来最具原创性的艺术家及作品。我们也会将更多优秀艺术家带入ART LABOR大家庭中来,做出更高品质的展览,举办更有新意的活动。

在此,我们衷心感谢大家十年来对我们的不懈支持!感谢所有艺术家!感谢所有藏家和粉丝!感谢所有赞助商和合作伙伴!感谢东戈森(GOTHAM EAST)为我们的庆祝酒会提供酒水!还要鸣谢我们的媒体朋友Smart Shanghai, Time Out,City Weekend,CNCREATE,艺术界杂志,艺术典藏国际版,Artinfo,Modern Painter, Art & Auction, ArtlinkArt等!此外,我们还要感谢Art Zhou、Artscape、许力炜、蓝林峰等。再次感谢大家多年来对ART LABOR画廊的鼎力支持!





Eric Leleu
从天而降(Tombée Du Ciel)

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ART LABOR 画廊 - Eric Leleu简介

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ART LABOR 画廊 - Eric Leleu作品

Howie Tsui 徐浩恩
左:Avuncular Impulses
中:Drag Spud

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ART LABOR 画廊 - Howie Tsui 徐浩恩简介

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ART LABOR 画廊 - Howie Tsui 徐浩恩作品

Jayson Atienza

Jayson Atienza is a Creative Director and Artist living in Shanghai by way of New York City, where he established his career for two decades before moving to Asia. Jayson developed his passion for painting at the School of Visual Arts NY, and he has applied his signature painting style to an array of traditional and non-traditional canvases alike throughout the world.

Most recently in Shanghai, Jayson collaborated with Lululemon to celebrate the grand opening of their IFC and Kerry Centre retail locations, as well as with Ray-Ban, to toast the grand opening of the Image Store. He also recently launched a leather handbag line with The DOT in Hong Kong, and was commissioned to create a mural to immortalize advertising legend David Ogilvy at the new Ogilvy Shanghai offices.

Jayson has designed a custom sneaker line with Bucketfeet that is sold worldwide, and was also featured alongside John Legend, painting a commissioned mural in the Chevy Impala "Made To Love" commercial. He has also created customized artwork for Tiger Woods, Jeremy Piven, and Akon, among other celebrities.

Other work throughout the world includes his collaborations with brands including the GAP, Heineken, Red Bull, Adidas, Chivas, Ace Hotel, Duxiana, Givenchy, Havaianas, Glamour Magazine, Macy's, and Bloomingdales among others.

To view more work go to www.jaysonatienza.com/art

Li Lihong 李立宏
APPLE - CHINA (blue)

ART LABOR 画廊 - 李立宏简介

ART LABOR 画廊 - 李立宏作品

左:心跳(Heart Beat)
中:沙罗127-E72,月蚀历(Saros 127-E72, Serie Moon Eclipse Calendars)
右:无穷的大脑(Cosmic Brain)

ART LABOR画廊 - LLND 作品介绍及简介(PDF)

Lu Xinjian 陆新建
倒影 / 角楼

ART LABOR 画廊 - 陆新建简介

ART LABOR 画廊 - 陆新建作品

Lu Yang 陆扬

ART LABOR 画廊 - 陆扬简介

ART LABOR 画廊 - 陆扬作品

Mani Mazinani

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ART LABOR画廊 - Mani Mazinani简介(英文 / PDF)

Mani Mazinani thinks about thinking. His work records thoughts in order to cause a transfer of concentration. He is interested in the nature of things and the metaphysical bridge between perception and reality. With his multidisciplinary practice, Mazinani directs attention to the physicality and logic of his subject medium in order to make things available for understanding. In his works, ancient philosophy and contemporary concerns intersect to create environments for an audience to have experiences. Mazinani has produced work in video, installation, music, painting, photography, printmaking, performance, film and sound. His work, such as Scalene (2008), Light Air (2010), Screen Scene (2011) and Wild Mountain Time (2014), have been shown internationally in festivals and exhibitions including a solo exhibition at Vtape and in a two-person show at Luminato, with Michael Snow. His improvised and composed music is presented frequently in recordings and performances. Mazinani specialized in visual art and ancient philosophy at the University of Toronto and continues to study these fields of thought.

Marc Standing
永恒天堂(Eternal Paradise)

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Monika Lin
Fairytales 童话 #10

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Peter Park
一切安全而隐秘的欲望(The Safe Bathers)

Ravi Zupa
工具使用图鉴(Use Tools)


The main figure in this piece is named Yamantaka. He is the destroyer of death in some versions of Hinduism and Buddhism. Yama was originally a monk who had been meditating for so many lives and was finally at the edge of enlightenment. One day, while seated in meditating a group of thieves who had recently stolen a cow entered his cave to escape the authorities. The monk pleaded with them to leave him alive for only a few minutes until he became enlightened. After that, they were welcome to kill him. The bandits refused this request and instead chopped his head off. Yama then flew into a livid murderous rage and cut off the head of the stolen cow and the heads of bandits and put them on his neck as his own. He then left the cave having become the lord of death and began killing everyone he encountered. The gods watched the death toll rise and seeing this destruction went to Shiva to ask for help. Shiva then assumed the same form as Yama to confront him. He had to become death to kill death and since Shiva is infinitely more powerful, he defeated Yama in an instant. In some Buddhist sects Yama is the first deity that we encounter at death and after the 40 some days of Bardo we encounter Yamantaka when death comes to an end and we're conceived for our next life.

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ART LABOR画廊 - Ravi Zupa 简介(英文 / PDF)

Ren Zhitian 任芷田
为物4号(Self into Stone No.4)

ART LABOR 画廊 - 任芷田简介

ART LABOR 画廊 - 任芷田作品

Shang Chengxiang 商成祥

ART LABOR 画廊 - 商成祥简介

ART LABOR 画廊 - 商成祥作品

Wang Qing 王青
左:被遗忘的时光(Forgotten Time)
右:化妆(Make Pretty)

ART LABOR 画廊 - 王青简介

ART LABOR 画廊 - 王青作品

Zhou Fan 周范
Phobia 0014

ART LABOR 画廊 - 周范简介

ART LABOR 画廊 - 周范作品

Zhou Jinhua 周金华

ART LABOR 画廊 - 周金华简介

ART LABOR 画廊 - 周金华作品