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About the Exhibition

Elizabeth Zvonar
Todd Gray
Howie Tsui
Kyungmi Shin
Marc Standing
Fu Meng
Leroy Brothers
Geoffrey Lillemon
Babak Golkar

ART LABOR Gallery is pleased to open the year 2016 with a terrific group show featuring a gathering of engaging artists from across the globe. "Teleportation", an exhibition composed entirely of inkjet prints, embracing a technology which allows for freedom of movement across the globe and over borders, to participate in places far from home, no matter the obstacles placed in the way.

This exhibition features brand new work by several established artists working in the fields of photography, mixed media and paint, all producing art works through Epson inkjet printing. From Los Angeles, we are very fortunate to show the deeply meaningful work of respected photographic, installation and performance artist and professor Todd Gray, and Installation artist Kyungmi Shin with an explosive new wallpaper.

From Amsterdam we are lucky to have American/Holland based Geoffrey Lillemon, deriving several truly aesthetically unique prints out of his well received Virtual Reality exhibitions, and known across the globe for designing the on-stage visuals and videos for one of the world's most famous performers.

Vancouver, Canada sends us the work of three of Canada's brighter lights: conceptual artist Babak Golkar, who has developed a form-based dialectical investigation into human conditions of contemporary time. We will also release a special edition Shunga-styled print by Howie Tsui, who is scheduled to have a solo show at the Vancouver Art Gallery in early 2017. We also have a brand new collage based print by Elizabeth Zvonar, winner of the 2015 VIVA award, one of Canada's most respected art prizes.

We also show 3 new pieces commissioned especially for this event, by the savvy Belgian social media artists Leroy Brothers, derived through world-wide audience participation from their website "Witness Your World".

Rounding out the show are two favorites, one older and one new, Zimbabwe born Marc Standing, who is producing his first inkjet edition print series for the show, and whose vibrant, thoughtful paintings deal intelligently with memory and individual identity, anthropology, and colonialism.

Lastly, and for the first time, we will show Toronto-based Chinese born photographer Fu Meng, a former award winning news media photographer who now utilizes his own exciting new technological process to produce captivating art works of public space and the daily movement of the population.

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Artists' Bio

Elizabeth Zvonar
We Come in Peace

Elizabeth Zvonar graduated from Emily Carr University in 2001, Vancouver, Canada. Her practice includes collage and sculpture. She is interested in merging humour with the absurd and enjoys conceptual play and smart art.

Zvonar has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Canada at Artspeak; Western Front; Contemporary Art Gallery; Mercer Union; Morris and Helen Belkin Gallery; Vancouver Art Gallery; Presentation House; among others. Internationally in New York, Australia, Japan and Belgium. In 2008, Zvonar was the inaugural artist at the Malaspina Print Research Residency and was an artist in residence at the Banff Centre for the thematic Cosmic Ray Research. Zvonar received the 2009 City of Vancouver Mayor's Award for Emerging Visual Artist; in 2011 she was presented with the Emily Award for outstanding achievement by an Emily Carr alumna. From 2012-15 Zvonar held the post of City of Vancouver Artist in Residence.Zvonar was the 2015 recipient of the Shadbolt Foundation's VIVA award, one of Canada's top art awards. She is in the distinguished collections of the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Burnaby Art Gallery. In 2015, Zvonar opened her solo exhibition The Challenge of Abstraction at Daniel Faria Gallery in Toronto and presented her first public outdoor work entitled The Experience for Offsite, an outdoor space by The Vancouver Art Gallery.

Howie Tsui
Of Shunga & Monters (Composite 1)

Vancouver-based artist HowieTsui (Tsui Ho Yan / 徐浩恩) was born in Hong Kong and raised in Lagos, Nigeria and Thunder Bay. He holds a BFA (2002) in painting from the University of Waterloo and received the Joseph S. Stauffer Prize (2005) from the Canada Council for most outstanding young artist. His work is in the public collections of the National Gallery of Canada, Canada Council Art Bank, City of Ottawa, Ottawa Art Gallery and Centre d'exposition de Baie-Saint-Paul. Solo exhibitions: Gallery 101, Carleton University Art Gallery, AceArtInc (Winnipeg), Montréal arts interculturels, Centre A (Vancouver), Agnes Etherington Art Centre (Kingston), Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, with group engagements at the West Vancouver Museum, Oakville Galleries, Boston University School of Fine Arts, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, Para Site (HK), Art Labor (Shanghai) and the National Gallery of Canada.

Howie Tsui's CV
Howie Tsui's Bio and statements

For viewing more artworks from Howie Tsui, please click the link below
ART LABOR Gallery - Howie Tsui Artworks

Todd Gray
Welcome to Planet Earth(red, white and blue

Todd Gray is a photographer, installation and Performance artist based in Los Angeles and Ghana. He is known for work that is "fluent in cultural iconography, driven by introspection, and steeped in issues of corporate politics and racial identity" and that his self-portraits thwart a traditional read of the exterior likeness" (Amy M.Mooney). He began his career as a commercial photographer in the music industry, which culminated with him being asked by Michael Jackson to be his personal photographer from 1979 – 1983, during one of the most important periods of the musicians career. He received MFA from Cal Arts, and his work is collected by numerous collections including San Francisco Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, Norton Family Foundation, and Los Angeles County Museum of Art. His work has been exhibited at Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Renaissance Society, Chicago, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and Smithsonian Anacostia Museum. Todd Gray is a professor of photography and digital imaging at California State University, Long Beach, CA.

Kyungmi Shin
Fire 8

Kyungmi Shin is a sculptor living in Los Angeles. Her academic career started as a medical student at Kyungpook University in Korea. After moving to the United States in 1983, she studied painting at San Francisco Art Institute, and received her M.F.A. at University of California, Berkeley in 1995. She makes photo collages and sculptural installations that investigate the global connection by looking at the rituals, myths and the physical evidence of the inter-connection between the developed and underdeveloped countries and the effects of globalization. Her public art practice is informed by the site's history and context, and she creates art in public places that transform the site into a meaningful and through-provoking place.

Her works have been exhibited at Berkeley Art Museum, Sonje Art Center, Japanese American National Art Museum, and Torrance Art Museum, and have received numerous grants including California Community Foundation Grant, Durfee Grant, Pasadena City Individual Artist Fellowship, and LA Cultural Affairs Artist in Residence Grants. She has been awarded over 20 public art commissions since 2005. Her projects include Chicago's Redline Granville subway station, Los Angeles Airport Terminal 3, Brookland Middle School in Washington DC, and a pocket park at Laguna Beach, CA.

Marc Standing
Pulsating Magic
Ambushed Haven

B. 1976

Education, 1996-1999, Bachelor of Fine Arts Honors Degree, University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Born in Zimbabwe and now based between Sydney and Hong Kong, Standing's iconic and haunting paintings have developed along a complex path of progression. Driven by an innate compulsion to paint, Standing explores tension felt by a personal search for identity, embodied by complexities felt by a mass consciousness - one which has been left with toxic traces of colonialism.

For this is what packs such a punch in Standing's work - the other -worldly layering of textures and imagery which evoke a surreal clarity in the viewer. Standing's recent eerie yet peaceful paintings use a palette and compositional platform, mixed with sinister imagery, to explore the tensions felt between light and dark; comfort and discomfort; a sense of belonging and a sense of void.

His works have been shown extensively throughout Australia and have also been included in prominent Australian art prizes, as well as a commission work for The Groucho Club in London, a nominee for the Sovereign Asian Art Prize, and acquired by Artbank in Australia. His work has also been exhibited in New York, London, Holland, Hong Kong, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Geoffrey Lillemon

Geoffrey Lillemon (1981 USA/Netherlands) works with digital media on various platforms and projects which connects technical innovation with romantic tragedy.

His web applications and virtual reality environments are aesthetic and communicatively too dark for the mainstream digital domain. This recurring theme in his work is clearly visible: Geoffrey combines high tech with the macabre side of romance and criticizes its aesthetic reference pool with our constant debate about taste and bad taste, decency and indecency, high culture and mainstream superficiality.

As Geoffrey Lillemon is a sort of all-eater who alternates his technical approach as a chameleon, putting his hands in the mediums of website, film, social media bombardment, oil painting and live performance.

He is thus almost the widest transmedia artist of the moment, although its base is clearly in the digital arts. He also impacted the mainstream culture: his inimitable animations for the art IT crowd have equally been used as backdrops for pop acts such as Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj.

But paramount to this, even in pop adventures, the content remains unchanged and true to itself. The LED screens may be of monstrous dimensions, with music that will be presented to an audience of teenage fans, but for Geoffrey Lillemon this pop art medium is just a bigger stage to bring digital arts to a wider audience. An infiltration of the mainstream art world, as it were. And where the mainstream world takes root in experiment, as in fashion, fantasy and reality come together maybe even for better.

The American media artist and designer Geoffrey Lillemon has worked and lived in Amsterdam for several years. Until recent, he was part of the duo Champagne Valentine together with Anita Fontaine. They used animation experiments to play with visual logic, fashion, internet culture and the trash subculture. They worked for Diesel, Blend, Edun, Napster and Tate Modern. Since then Geoffrey started a VFX studio (Geoffrey Lillemon Studio) to support his directing work focusing on redefining the aesthetics of the pop industry (Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, MGMT) and cult fashion (Bernard Wilhelm, Iris Van Herpen) accompanied by a strong focus and output in digital media arts that have been included in The Boijmans Museum, MOTI, Centre Pompidou, and Museo Tamayo that looks up the boundaries of animation and erotica in animation..

Geoffrey's approach uses western image language that asks questions full of fantasy which use lyrical animation to investigate the boundaries of popular visual imagery. In this, he is experimenting with new techniques and choices like looping art and virtual reality. Such as a game environment where in the spectator is moving through a created world called the Nail Polish Inferno. He has spoken and participated at many international design festivals over the last 12 years focusing on new media crossovers, web art, and innovative applications of visual design with festivals and events like FITC, OFFF, TinaB, ISEA (TUR), Film + Design Festival (NL), Dutch Design Week (NL), NODE Biennale (GER), Pictoplasma (GER). He has been commissioned to produce interactive, video, animation and design for international content providers such as Submarine (NL), Rhizome (USA), Dazed Digital (UK), i-D Magazine (UK), SHOWstudio (UK), V Magazine (USA) and The Creators Project (USA) Press attention to previous projects includes Creative Applications (UK), The Creators Project (USA), It's Nice That (UK), Vogue Paris (FR), Animal (USA), Dazed Digital and Dazed & Confused (UK), i-D (UK), BOOOOOOOM (FR), Portable

Babak Golkar
We Are Sorry

Through a variety of forms, including drawing, print, ceramics, sculpture and installation, Babak Golkar has developed a form-based dialectical investigation into human conditions of contemporary time.

A reiterative engagement with syncretic strategies has generated a practice that resides in a juxtaposition of disparate traditions. These strategies involve merging and examining originally discrete systems and forms, asserting underlying unity as well as antagonistic elements. By extension, new forms and meanings emerge from re-contextualization.

An underlying current in Golkar's work is the inquiry into the individual's compromise and negotiation when faced with the suppression and emotional distress of contemporary human conditions. A driving force behind recent projects has been a contention of perspective. Skewing the asserted certainty of perspective and questioning its formal grounds for reference and subsequent ideological stance. Exploring the physical position of the body in relationship to form, the physical points of reference, stance and spatial relationships, which subsequently echo a historical, cultural, political stance of mind.

Leroy Brothers

Ian Wallace writes in his essay What Is Post-Internet Art? Understanding the Revolutionary New Art Movement that "Net Art refers to art that uses the Internet as its medium and cannot be experienced any other way. Post-Internet art makes the leap from the screen into brick-and-mortar galleries."

Since the Myspace Portraits series in 2003, it could be stated that our practice would have fit in what post-internet art is about: our net-generated arthas never been stuck on the screen and systematically made the leap into the tangible world. Secondly, Ben Davis declares in his writing Social Media Art in the Expanded Fieldthat"The only thing that would be 'social media art' in the full and genuine sense would be a social networking service actually designed as an art project, which would raise all sorts of questions." Witness Your World – developed since 2006, first as Axel King then as BDRTist – is a project that qualifies for both statements. Belgian brothers Nicolas (°1979), Gilles (°1978) and Gregory (°1975) are the creative minds behind the art collective Leroy Brothers. Nicolas studied Fine Art at Villa Arson (Nice, France) and at The Cass (London Metropolitan University) while Gregory and Gilles are autodidact. They currently live and work in Belgium and in France.

Fu Meng 傅萌
《多伦多地铁20秒》(Toronto Subway - 20 Seconds)
《高速公路120秒》(Highway - 120 Seconds)
《购物中心60秒》(Shopping Mall - 60 Seconds)


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