There are 2 easy ways by SUBWAY:
Line 13 to JIANGNING LU STATION (江宁路站) EXIT 3, and a 5 minute stroll SOUTH along Changhua Lu to Haifang Lu and turn left.
Or Line 1 to HANZHONG LU STATION (汉中路站), take EXIT 1 and walk one block NORTH along HENGFENG LU to the WPP tower, turn left and walk across the bicycle pedestrian bridge over Suzhou Creek (7 – 8 minutes but SCENIC!). We are at the base of the opposite side of the bridge.

Or tell a taxi “Haifang Lu and Changhua Lu”. In Chinese: 海防路,靠近昌化路. You will see our big white ART LABOR sign!

PARKING IS AVAILABLE but please inform us in advance of your arrival. (+86 21 6245 6963).


ADDRESS: 101 Haifang Lu, near Changhua Lu, Shanghai 200041, China 中国上海市静安区海防路101号(近昌化路)

GALLERY HOURS: Due to the coronavirus outbreak, to ensure the health and safety of our visitors and guests, we will open by appointments only until further notice. This will ensure no cross-infection with others will occur during your visit. In the meantime, we are extremely happy to answer emails regarding any inquiries you may have. Thank you very much for your understanding!

PHONE: +86 21 6245 6963