ZXEROKOOL is a Singapore based intergalactic ninja and practitioner of visual kung-fu, art and creative mayhem. His work can be described as a hyperkinetic blend of popular culture, fantasy, science fiction and contemporary mythology. He has been commissioned by brands such as Tiger Beer and New Balance for creative projects. Other notable commissioned creative art projects include the 2008 trophy design work for the MTV Asia Awards and a multi-media opening graphic video for Kobe Bryant's Nike sponsored Indoor Stadium Appearance in Singapore. He will have his first major overseas showing at urban art and culture venue The Reed Space in New York City in the fourth quarter of 2014.

Nightmare on Sesamean Street
Zxerokool Zxerokool

Dead Zombie Pandas
Zxerokool Zxerokool

Dolphin's Revenge
Zxerokool Zxerokool

The Shanghai Plex
Zxerokool Zxerokool

Pussy Ranger
Zxerokool Zxerokool

Planet of the Cats
Zxerokool Zxerokool

Penguim Zombie
Zxerokool Zxerokool

Samurai Got Games
Zxerokool Zxerokool

in Singapore


I Love Shanghai, ART LABOR Gallery, Shanghai
Nixon Art Mosh, Art Gallery@Old School, Singapore
Age Of Uncertainty, Chan Hampe Gallery, Singapore
Inter Play, Chan Hampe Gallery, Singapore
SYNÆSTHESIA, The Substation, Singapore
Pantone My Art, TCC Art Space, Singapore

Standard Chartered Art for Charity, The Arts House, Singapore
NIXON Art Mosh, Old School Gallery, Singapore
Red Rum, Old School Gallery, Singapore
Hitch Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy, Blood Group+Space, Singapore
Pameran Poskad Show, My Art Space, Singapore

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, The Substation, Singapore

Mutant Style Group Show, Trinity Gallery 7 Mt Sophia, courtesy of Don't Panic magazine, Singapore
Pameran Poskad Show, House @ Dempsey Road, Singapore
Mutant style: Heroes Villains & Mythological Creatures from our Living Room The Other Side Pop-up space, Singapore


New Balance x Limited Edt Vault 577 Instore Installation & Video Projection
Feiyue x Zxerokool The Golden Star Destroyer
New Balance x Limited Edt Vault 577 Instore Installation & Video Projection

Nike Kobe Bryant Indoor Stadium Entrance Multimedia Video

MTV Asia Awards Trophy and VIP Press Gift Pack
MTV Asia On-Air Promo Ident Artwork

Merge, The Chaos Between East & West for Tiger Beer Translate