Li Tianqi

Beijing, China

Li Tianqi, born in 1991, holds degrees from Tsinghua University (BFA, 2012) and Central Academy of Fine arts (MFA, 2017). Li’s artistic practice centered on "will" and “discipline.” Throughout his art practices, Li indulged himself in exploring the power and conflicts in daily life. His works involved painting, installation, mixed media, etc. Now lives and works in Beijing.

Landscape in 2019 - Shek O Beach 1
Li Tianqi

Landscape in 2019 - Shek O Beach 3
Li Tianqi

Landscape in 2019 - Day in New Barracks 2
Li Tianqi

Zero Gravity Exercise - 2
Li Tianqi

Ode to the Frontal Lobe Before Zero Gravity Exercise - Act 1 Arrival
Li Tianqi

1991 Born in Bozhou, Anhui Province, China


MFA, Central Academy of Fine arts

BFA, Tsinghua University


The Moments Float By, ART LABOR Gallery, Shanghai, China

Painting, What do You Want to be? , 21 Space Art Museum, Dongguan, China
Painting, It’s ok!!?? , VIS Art Center, Beijing, China

Incorrect Shape Li Tianqi's Painting Project, Time Arts Space, New York, America

Messages Carrying Nostalgia, Points Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China
THE AUTUMN Art Exhibition, 2019, Bvlgari Beijing, Beijing, China

Stèles: LE PRINTEMPS DE PEKIN, Ying Space, Beijing, China

Thinking On Critical Point, Moshang Gallery, Beijing, China
The Future of the World – Art Nova 100 Opening Exhibition, National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing, China
Elite Young Artists Program, Right View Art Museum, Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Beijing, Shenzhen, China
Guns and Roses, Potsdam Art Space, Potsdam, Germany

Art in The City Festival, chi K11 Art Museum, Shanghai, China
Mission - Zhang Yingnan, Li Tianqi Double Exhibition, United Art Space, Shanghai, China
Upstairs and Downstairs: The Artistic Practice of ON SPACE, Yuan Art Museum, Beijing, China
Moving in Time: B3+BEIJING Moving Image Exhibition, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing, China

Chaobai River Project, ON SPACE, Beijing, China
Art Nova 100 Opening Exhibition, National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing, China
20+4+1 New Identities – Chinese Young Artists, VDA, Berlin, Germany

Feeling Unknowingly Cool, ON SPACE, Beijing, China

Art Nova 100 Opening Exhibition, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, China
The Adjustment of Controversies - China Contemporary Young Artists Recommended
Exhibition, China National Convention Center, Beijing, China
The Boat of 2012 - Annual Nomination Exhibition for Students of Contemporary Art
Academies, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China
The Start of a Long Journey – Outstanding Works by 2012 Graduates from Key Art

Institutions of Higher Education in China, Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts, Xi'an, China
The 4th May 4th International Youth Art Festival, Can Art Center, Beijing, China


CAFA Art Museum
Right View Art Museum