Group Exhibition: Shanghai Calling

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Group Exhibition: Shanghai Calling

April 27, 2024 - June 25, 2024


April 27, 2024-3:00 pm
June 25, 2024-6:00 pm


ART LABOR Gallery is delighted to present “Shanghai Calling,” our 17th Anniversary exhibition featuring a selection of works by 14 artists from our gallery roster. Participating artists are He Tianqi, Li Lihong, Li Tao, Li Ying, Liu Liu, Liu Tongbin, Lu Xinjian, Pan Jian, Shang Chengxiang, Wang Lintong, Wu Yifei, Zhang Wenzhi, Zhou Fan, and Zhou Jinhua. This exhibition will be held from April 27th to June 25th, 2024.

As Shanghai is the birthplace of ART LABOR, we have grown alongside this vibrant city we call home, witnessing its transformation and evolution over the years. The pulse of the city beats in our hearts, and we have been privileged to make our contribution to the rise of its contemporary art scene.

Our growth has been deeply intertwined with the artists who have joined us along the way. It has been an honor to accompany and support them on their artistic journeys, and we take immense joy in seeing their creativity flourish. The exhibition celebrates their individual styles and their unwavering commitment to self-expression.

With this exhibition, we want to share this joy with our esteemed collectors, friends, and art enthusiasts. We sincerely hope that the artworks on display ignite a sense of elation and inspire the viewers’ imagination.

The Way You Look No.2
Shang Chengxiang
Red No.4
Liu Liu
Neon Filter 3
He Tianqi
Untitled #0231209
He Tianqi
One Moment
He Tianqi
Desert Sand Feels Warm at Night pt.2
Zhou Fan
City DNA / Chaoyang Park
Lu Xinjian
Pan Jian
Encounter No.1
Zhou Jinhua
Awakening the Insects
Wang Lintong
Star-spotted Shark
Zhang Wenzhi
The Flow of the Yangtze River
Li Ying
The Slide at Luosizhuanwan
Liu Tongbin
π - China
Li Lihong
Symbiosis No.21
Wu Yifei
Symbiosis No.22
Wu Yifei
Symbiosis No.23
Wu Yifei
Li Tao