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January 23, 2016 - March 03, 2016


January 23, 2016-8:00 am
March 3, 2016-5:00 pm


ART LABOR Gallery is pleased to open the year 2016 with a terrific group show featuring a gathering of engaging artists from across the globe. “Teleportation”, an exhibition composed entirely of inkjet prints, embracing a technology which allows for freedom of movement across the globe and over borders, to participate in places far from home, no matter the obstacles placed in the way.

This exhibition features brand new work by several established artists working in the fields of photography, mixed media and paint, all producing art works through Epson inkjet printing. From Los Angeles, we are very fortunate to show the deeply meaningful work of respected photographic, installation and performance artist and professor Todd Gray, and Installation artist Kyungmi Shin with an explosive new wallpaper.

From Amsterdam we are lucky to have American/Holland based Geoffrey Lillemon, deriving several truly aesthetically unique prints out of his well received Virtual Reality exhibitions, and known across the globe for designing the on-stage visuals and videos for one of the world’s most famous performers.

Vancouver, Canada sends us the work of three of Canada’s brighter lights: conceptual artist Babak Golkar, who has developed a form-based dialectical investigation into human conditions of contemporary time. We will also release a special edition Shunga-styled print by Howie Tsui, who is scheduled to have a solo show at the Vancouver Art Gallery in early 2017. We also have a brand new collage based print by Elizabeth Zvonar, winner of the 2015 VIVA award, one of Canada’s most respected art prizes.

We also show 3 new pieces commissioned especially for this event, by the savvy Belgian social media artists Leroy Brothers, derived through world-wide audience participation from their website “Witness Your World”.

Rounding out the show are two favorites, one older and one new, Zimbabwe born Marc Standing, who is producing his first inkjet edition print series for the show, and whose vibrant, thoughtful paintings deal intelligently with memory and individual identity, anthropology, and colonialism.

Lastly, and for the first time, we will show Toronto-based Chinese born photographer Fu Meng, a former award winning news media photographer who now utilizes his own exciting new technological process to produce captivating art works of public space and the daily movement of the population.

Leroy Brothers
Leroy Brothers
Shopping Mall - 60 Seconds
Fu Meng
Highway - 120 Seconds
Fu Meng
Of Shunga & Monsters (Composite 1)
Howie Tsui
Fire 8
Kyungmi Shin
We Come in Peace
Elizabeth Zvonar
We are Sorry
Babak Golkar
Geoffrey Lillemon
Geoffrey Lillemon
Geoffrey Lillemon
Toronto Subway - 20 Seconds
Fu Meng
Welcome to Planet Earth (red, white and blue)
Todd Gray
Pulsating Magic
Marc Standing
Ambushed Haven
Marc Standing
Leroy Brothers