Shanghai, China

*LLND is an international media artist duo merging sound, image and matter in an approach combining physical reality, science, myth, technology, and real time. Since they met in 2003, they developed multiple participatory, Innovative concepts in creating audio and visual instruments and Art Installations. Their works have been featured in many international Art events. *LLND, initials of Laurent Lettrée and Nathalie Delpech , based in Shanghai , China since 2009. Nathalie is a graduate of ENSAD Arts Decoratifs in Paris cinema section, video, animation with a degree in special effects and postproduction. Her video and graphic art are often perceived as a poetic meeting of the psychedelic and surrealism. With strong colours and forms borrowed from a revisited reality, she gives life to the inanimate objects. Laurent is composer and self-taught electronic machinery builder, he explores the sound and its multiple frequencies and rhythmic variations. Since 1994 , *LL makes Electronic music and started programing with Max MSP in 2003. He lived and performed during 7 years in the United States.

*LLND est un duo d’artistes inter media qui fusionnent le son, l’image et la matière dans une approche mêlant réalité physique, technologie, science, et temps réel. Depuis leur rencontre en 2003, ils ont développe de multiples concepts participatifs, innoves dans la création d’instruments sonores et visuels. Leurs œuvres ont été présente internationalement dans de nombreux évènements artistiques. *LLND, initiales de Laurent Lettree et Nathalie Delpech sont bases en Chine depuis 4 ans. Nathalie, diplomee des arts decoratifs de Paris section cinema, video, animation avec un post diplome en effet speciaux et Laurent, compositeur et constructeur de son, autodidact a vecu et performe durant 7ans au Etats Unis.

Saros 127-E72 , Serie Moon Eclipse Calendars

Heart Beat

Cosmic Brain

Speaker Mouths, Paris Illuminations
The 5th anniversary of Daning Live Hub, Shanghai
Brain Waves, input-output.tv Gallery, Hong Kong
Source, Shanghai
Time Compression – serie portraits, Hong Merchant Gallery, Shanghai (Solo)
fevrary 25th, Life Recorders, Shanghai

Time Compression – serie Mind of Shanghai, Hong Merchant Gallery, Shanghai
Generation Pixel, Dexter Gallery, Paris

WBW- World Brain Web sonoluminous installation, Wuding Space, Shanghai (Solo)
WBW, SH Contemporary Fair, Shanghai
Exhibit of ESC8-environment sound controler collaboration with Schéma17, Reuilly Space, Paris (Solo)
Compression Temporelle-serie sport, 3rd Beijing International Art Biennale, Beijing
A Venir Le Monde Sage at Art contemporary space Eugène Baudoin, Antony, France
Biennale of Cachan, France
Terr’estre Freeze, FIIE, Paris
Mon OEil- 6th Fair, Viry Chatillon, France
NEXT ART FAIR Chicago with the Walsh Gallery, Chicago
Le coffre malice – serie Kinoloops, Video appartement, Paris
opening of la Cantine, Culturel Space FING, Pairs

10 years anniversary at Agnes B:le Sonochrome Bleu3, Arte TV- Tracks, Paris
Treeble Septuor, MAC 2007,Contemporary art fair, Paris
participative installations, DIVA FAIR 2007 Paris, Paris
DIVA FAIR's Party, Maison Blanche, Paris
Treeble Septuor, Festival IDEO at the Bellevilloise, Paris
Festival Overlap 06, San Francisco
Festival Eclektic#3, Rennes, France
Compressions Temporelles- série Sex sea sun, PPP, Paris
Femme y es-tu ?, ARSENAT in Luxembourg’s garden, Paris
ARTTOUR 2007, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Chained Freedom, SIMULTAN 03, Timisoara, Romania
52nd Fair of contemporary Art of Montrouge, Montrouge, France
Treeble Septuor, The Belleviloise for «les rendez-vous du jeudi», Paris
Grand opening, Art space rondeel, Maastricht, The Netherlands
art update now, Art space rondeel, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Compressions Temporelles –série made in china, Anne Lettrée Gallery, Paris

Lost shadows, Factory Berlin-3J, Berlin
Treeble Septuor, 35th Poznan Triennial of Sculpture in Poland, Poznan, Poland
Cartoon Art Festival and Art Digital in China, Changzhou, China
Welcome Europe, 6th Salon of Europeen Young Creators, Montrouge, France
Exhibit KIT ART, Galerie Anne Lettrée, Paris (Solo)
The show out of the walls, 51st Art Contemporary Show of Montrouge, Montrouge, France

Kwa Bawon, Mairie de Paris 1er, Paris (Solo)
the Month of Art and
Technology, Numeric Carrefour of the City of Sciences and Industry, Paris
Kwa Bawon, Venice Biennale offsite, Venice
FNAC Digitale, Paris (Solo)
Art Saint Germain, 100 galleries make the event, Paris
5th European 5th Exhibition for Young Creators, Montrouge, Paris

Third life, Shanghai Biennale, Projet 303, Shanghai
Metamudra, Miroiterie art space, Paris